Peter Andre feels ''fantastic'' after a decade of therapy.

The 47-year-old star is ''very happy'' that he hasn't needed to see a counsellor for several years because the treatment he sought for depression and anxiety was so successful and helped him deal with his ''issues''.

He said: ''I'm very happy that I haven't had therapy for years and the reason for that is because for me, 100 per cent, the therapy worked.

''I had it for a long time when I suffered chronic anxiety which led to deep depression.

'' I had therapy for more than 10 years, not just a couple of weeks. It takes a long time to address issues, deal with them and file them away.

''I'm so happy for what I learnt in therapy and now I feel fantastic.''

Peter - who has children Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with ex-wife Katie Price and Amelia, six, and Theo, three, with spouse Emily - is optimistic by nature these days because he's already been through the dark times.

He said: ''I'm really relaxed and really comfortable. Everyone has worries in life but I tend to be a much more glass half full kind of guy these days. That's why I'm always smiling- because I wasn't for so long.''

And the 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker admitted it was difficult to address his problems because they came at a time when discussions around mental health were still seen as taboo.

He added to new! magazine: ''Talking is amazing because half of the problem is not realising you've got a problem.

''So when you can talk about something, you're actually doing the first part of therapy, which is acknowledging what's bothering you.

''But in the 90s, it was very weird to tell someone you had anxiety or depression. People would be like, 'What are you talking about?'

''And you couldn't call it mental health because only certain things fell into that category back then.

''I wasn't by nature a depressed person, but I fell into a depression because of the chronic anxiety.

''It certainly was a difficult part of my life. I very much support mental health campaigns and I'm so glad people are talking about it more.''