Peter Andre feels pressure to keep his figure because ''people on television and social media all look great''.

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker is known for his great figure - particularly his abs in the 1990s music video to his hit song - and he has confessed that he feels the need to ''keep up'' with everyone on social media.

He said: ''It's still sort of there. When I do a calendar, which I didn't do last year but this year I would have done one if it wasn't for everything, when it comes to that time I do get the abs back. Probably not exactly how I had them but for my age I feel in great shape.

''It's weird because when I first had a six-pack in England very few guys were into training. It was very much a beer culture; it was all about going to the pub with your mates not going to the gym. But in Australia at the time, everyone was training. Nowadays I look at all these young kids and I think 'I need to keep up with these lot', they're all in amazing shape. People on TV and social media all look great. The difference is back then I watched everything I ate but now I'm like as if I can be bothered not to have chocolate? But I counter it with exercise.''

And the 47-year-old singer exercises every day but confesses he loves eating pasta, pizza and Nutella too.

Speaking about his daily routine, he added to the Mail Online: ''I'm definitely in good shape but to be in that kind of shape ... I get up in the morning and I have a black Americano, no milk, no sugar and at about 1pm I will have oats with some protein powder and nuts and seeds so I'm doing great, then I'll exercise. But when the nighttime comes I'll eat absolutely anything and everything, I cook pasta with sauces and cheese or we'll have pizzas and chocolate. There's nothing like going to bed on a satisfied Nutella stomach. Nutella is my favourite. I am so clean in the day - but for some reason that and the training keeps me in shape.''