Peter Andre doesn't want to ''put the effort in'' to get his six-pack back.

The 47-year-old singer - who has Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with first wife Katie Price, and Amelia, five, and Theo, three, with spouse Emily - was known for his rippled abs in the 1990s and though he tries to stay in good shape, he'd rather allow himself some indulgences than have to always stick to a strict diet.

Speaking to new! magazine, he said: ''Instagram is a good way to share new and old photos. I recently posted an old shot from my 'Mysterious Girl' days back in the 90s, where my abs are on show.

''Although I still train quite a lot and am in reasonably good shape, I always say to myself I only ever want to be a month to six weeks away from getting back the full six-pack.

''But I'm not sure if I really want to put the effort in and go that strict - even for a day! Unless it's time for a new calendar LOL.

''I'm 80 percent where I want to be, so I'll sacrifice that other 20 percent for choccies any day.''

While the 'Flava' singer welcomed plans to encourage weight loss in the UK, Peter believes people need to focus on fitness and lifestyle changes, instead of taxing unhealthy foods.

He said: ''Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to get the nation fit with his Better Health strategy. Obesity is a massive problem and is crippling the NHS so it's great he's leading by example.

''We always talk about what people should or shouldn't eat, but I believe putting a tax on 'bad' foods is not necessarily going to change much. For example, the price of cigarettes keeps going up but a lot of people refuse to quit.

''My policy has always been to keep myself and the family active and I try to get people moving. When you're active, your body works better and you tend to make better food decisions too.''