Peter Andre has revealed how excited he is about becoming a father for the fourth time after he and wife Emily MacDonagh welcomed their new son into the world on November 22. The pair had a scare when their little one came three weeks earlier but the popstar has since revealed both mum and son are doing well.

Peter and Emily AndreThe couple have welcomed their second child together

The newest youngster is a little brother for Peter and Emily’s three-year-old daughter, Amelia and for the singer’s two older children with ex-wife Katie Price, Junior, 11 and Princess, nine.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, the new dad-of-four shared his thrill at being a father again.

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He said: "I’m so excited my little boy is here! He’s such a joy and is doing really well - as is his mum.

"He was nearly three weeks early but he weighted 6lb 10oz - a bit more than Amelia did."

However, it seems the baby boy is causing quite a lot of tiredness for the new parents.

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Andre continued: "I was so tired because I’d been sleeping on the floor in the maternity unit. I’ve got such bad baby brain, though.

"I’m struggling but I haven’t had to breastfeed so I’m lucky. My respect for Ems just goes up and up."

Despite their excitement, the new parents have yet to pick a name for their bundle of joy.