Peter Andre only allows his children to use their iPads once a week.

The 49-year-old pop star has Millie, eight, and six-year-old Theo with wife Emily Andre, 33, and explained that he can be "very strict" as a parent and will only allow the kids screen time on their Apple devices on weekly basis.

He said: "People complain about technology but I still think kids would always pick the more traditional things over it if we give them the chance. We’re also very strict with Millie and Theo when it comes to their iPads. They’re only allowed to go on them on a weekend morning and some car journeys, and we never let them have them in the week on school days."

However, the 'Mysterious Girl' singer - who also has son Junior, 17, and Princess, 15, from his former marriage to Katie Price - went on to explain that he was a lot tougher on his older kids and has learned to relax with his younger two and "hates" missing out on important events such as birthdays when he is away from work.

Writing in his OK! magazine column, he added: "Emily is a lot stricter with Millie and Theo than I am, whereas I was stricter with Princess and Junior. I think as I’ve got older I’ve changed my ways and views. I was gutted to miss Theo’s sixth birthday as I was away, but we celebrated his birthday before I left and then we’re having a party for him when I’m back. I hate missing important things with the kids, it’s the one downside to my job."