Peter Andre has postponed his second honeymoon.

The 'Insania' singer and new wife Emily enjoyed a brief sunshine break on a yacht off the coast of Greece following their wedding last month, and had planned to take a longer holiday before the end of the year, but have had to delay the trip because they are so busy.

He explained: ''I said last week that Ems and I were hoping to take the second part of our honeymoon later this year, but I don't think we'll be able to go until next year now.

''We're both so busy, which is, of course, great.''

Peter missed his children, Junior, nine, and seven-year-old Princess - who he has with ex-wife Katie Price - and 18-month-old Amelia while he was on honeymoon so was delighted to be reunited with them on his return.

Writing in his column for new! magazine, he said: ''It was amazing being reunited with Mills, Princess and Junior last week, but thanks to the magic of FaceTime; we got to speak to Mills daily anyway.''

After returning home, the 'Mysterious Girl' singer has gone straight back to work and has been joining the hordes of other commuters by catching the train into London.

He said: ''I've been catching the train to London most mornings to work.

''The funny thing is, I've been popping my cap on and I've had people say to me, 'You look like Peter Andre'.

''I've just nodded my head and in a posh English accent replied, 'Oh yes, I get told that a lot.'''