Peter Andre is giving his son the space to make it on his own in music.

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker's 17-year-old boy signed a deal with major label Columbia Records and released his debut single 'Slide' to much acclaim.

And while his famous dad is his manager, he wants to give the teen the freedom to do things his way.

He told new! magazine: "Junior is doing amazingly.

"He has recorded his second single after the success of his debut song, 'Slide', and they're currently developing the music video.

"The release date for that will be announced soon.

"Even though I'm his manager, I want to let him find his own feet in the music industry.

"I'm always there offering advice whenever he needs it.

"I'm so proud of all the hard work he's putting into this.

"He's going to make some magic."

That doesn't mean the 49-year-old columnist doesn't want to record with his son.

Peter - who was married to Junior's former glamour model mum Katie Price between 2005 and 2009 - admitted his son has a totally "different sound" to his own music, but he's still eager to work with him in the studio.

Speaking about Junior's burgeoning music career, Peter previously explained: "Our styles are completely different.

"He’ll appeal to a whole new generation and I’m more appealing to the older generation. We’ll do some stuff together too, but that’s for later rather than now.

"I just want to focus on him, get him off the ground and doing his thing. I’m so proud of him."