Peter Andre has been writing with Ricky Wilson.

The ‘Behind Closed Doors’ hitmaker is hard at work on his next album, with his latest collaborator being the Kaiser Chiefs frontman, and the 48-year-old star is delighted with their efforts.

He explained to new! magazine: “As my new album is well under way, it’s nice to get some familiar faces and great songwriters to collaborate with.

“Last week I spent the day in the studio with Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson and we’ve written a great song together."

Peter’s session with Ricky came a few weeks after he recorded a track with rapper Lady Leshurr.

He previously revealed: “I’ve been working hard on my new album. As well as writing, I’ve had some great friends and artists come down to the studio. Lady Leshurr popped in. We’ve written a great song together. I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer also previously revealed he’s working on another musical project with Gary Barlow.

He said: “I did a Q&A on my YouTube channel and was asked what made me decide to get back in the studio and actually stick to it.

“Randomly, I got the push from two people. One was Junior telling me to write something cool, current, and fresh.

“The other was Gary Barlow. Gary and I did one of his ‘Crooner Sessions’ last year in the first lockdown and afterwards I sent him songs I had written and he basically told me to get my bum back in the studio and release some music.

“So now I’m working on two projects – one album that I plan to release soon, and another separate project with Gary. Watch this space!”

Peter’s eldest son, 15-year-old Junior – who he has with ex-wife Katie Price – has also been joining his dad in the studio.

He added: “Things are coming together in the studio and I’m working hard to get the album I want.

“Junior has been in with me at weekends and he’s really enjoying the experience.”