'Hancock' director Peter Berg wants to make a sequel to his 2012 movie 'Battleship', although he seems to think that it may be a flop. Berg has gone on to blame Marvel's 'The Avengers' for sweeping up at the box-office. With US audiences focused on the super hero team-up movie - which stars Liam Neeson, Rihanna and Taylor Kitsch - they went ahead and missed 'Battleship' in theatres. 

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Speaking to MTV news, the director explains: '''Battleship' is a film that I would definitely like to do a sequel to. The movie kicked butt internationally, but we kind of ran into a wall when 'Avengers' refused to go away. So, what I need everyone to do is go see 'Battleship' now that they've seen 'Avengers' five times. If they do that, we can definitely make a sequel.''

Despite making 235 million USD internationally, 'Battleship' only made 63 million USD, whereas 'The Avengers' took pride of place at the top of the box-office for weeks. Furthermore, the movie made 1 billion USD in record time, and became the third highest-grossing film of all time, following 2009's 'Avatar' and 1997's 'Titanic'. Berg discussed his annoyance at the timing of the release, saying: ''I would have loved it to have come out three weeks before 'The Avengers' domestically, like we did internationally, because 'The Avengers' outperformed everything. It was impossible for 'Battleship' to get any oxygen.''

'The Avengers' further outshines 'Battleship' in the casting department, boasting the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlet Johansson, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner, along with many more Hollywood heavyweights.