Earlier this week, the internet became a harder place for ‘Doctor Who’ fans to navigate, after five scripts from the show’s eighth season were leaked online. After the leak, show bosses pleaded with fans to keep the information to themselves, so as not to spoil Peter Capaldi's maiden voyage for the rest of us. But since the dawn of the internet, script leaks have become just one of those things that fans and studios alike have had to deal with. You’re not alone ‘Doctor Who’, here’s five other scripts which somehow found their way online as well.

Scream 2Spoiler, we know who died in Scream 2

1. Scream 2

In 1997, Wes Craven was developing the sequel to his hugely successful slasher movie Scream. But even though the internet was yet to reach it’s full potential, the movie suffered a serious setback after a 40 page script leaked online. The leak meant that Craven and writer Kevin Williamson had to rewrite many of the scenes, including the movie’s opening. Still the leak didn't hurt and the film still managed to gross $172million at the world wide box office.

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2. The Hateful 8

Quentin Tarantino was left furious in January, after a script for his upcoming Hateful 8 was published online by Gawker. The director even went so far as to scrap the film and attempt to sue the website for putting the script online. Tarantino didn’t get very far with his lawsuit and it appears he may have had a change of heart over the movie altogether. In April he gathered actors Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Michael Madsen, among others, together for a reading of the leaked script in Los Angeles. He is also said to be now moving ahead with the film, which he is reported to begin shooting in November.

the avengersWarning from Samuel L. Jackson, printers have memory

3. The Avengers

Samuel L Jackson reportedly felt the wrath of Disney and Marvel when his script for the first Avengers movie was stolen. Months later, Jackson explained what happened, saying. "When they sent me the new version of the script, I was shooting a film in Toronto and my assistant copied it from the email and printed it in the office somewhere. And by the time we got to Albuquerque someone had stolen the script out of the printer and put it online for sale. I didn't know printers had memories. And apparently my assistant didn't either.” No one was ever arrested over the incident, despite an intense investigation by Marvel who even sent a team out to Canada to track down the IP address of the person who had put it online.

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4. The Fifth Estate

Of course a film about a website made famous for leaking documents was going to incur a leak of its own. The script, for the movie about Julian Assange and his Wikileaks website was leaked before its release and subsequently found its way into the hands of the very subject. Assange wasn't too happy with what he read and leaked the ‘mature’ version of the script on his website. He also included a 4,000 word essay, pointing out all the alleged factual inaccuracies in the screenplay, including noting that “Julian Assange does not dye or bleach his hair white, as claimed in the film.”

Breaking BadCan you believe someone tried to spoil 'Breaking Bad' for us?

5. Breaking Bad

As the ‘Breaking Bad' finale drew closer it seemed one fan in particular just couldn’t wait any longer. In March 2013 a man was arrested for breaking into Bryan Cranston’s car and stealing the actor’s iPad which contained two ‘Breaking Bad’ script. But luckily for Cranston and the show’s producers, technology saved the day. As thanks to some particularly tech savvy folks, the scripts were able to be deleted from Cranston’s iPad remotely, ensuring no nasty spoilers ended up online.