'Doctor Who' continues to be one of the most talked-about series the world has ever seen, garnering fans across the globe and bringing a huge slate of talent to the small screen. Currently, Peter Capaldi is serving as the titular Doctor, but the upcoming 10th series will be his last.

Peter Capaldi stars as the titular 'Doctor Who'Peter Capaldi stars as the titular 'Doctor Who'

Despite that, he's still excited about showing fans what he has left to give as a slew of new episodes are right around the corner, with storylines and plot details being kept closely under wraps. Capaldi however is unafraid to tease a little of what we should expect when the show makes its comeback.

Speaking at New York Comic Con, Capaldi suggested that in the new series of the sci-fi show, we'll be seeing a more unique Doctor than ever before.

"The great thing about playing Doctor Who is you actually have a whole life cycle," he said. "So you can start off quite being born, y'know, in season 1 and not quite knowing who you are and struggling to find who you are. And then find who you are and you discover, 'Oh, I'm good with this. This is quite fun. I like this character,' and then you discover there's more to Doctor Who than you thought.

The 10th series of 'Doctor Who' will be Peter Capaldi's lastThe 10th series of 'Doctor Who' will be Peter Capaldi's last

"The important thing about Doctor Who is there's always a mystery to him. There's always a Doctor Who you don't know because he's alien, he's not a human being. So, I think we're going to see some more of his alienness."

The Doctor is somebody who has always been played as an eccentric, with odd ticks and behaviour patterns that you would never really associate with somebody who's an actual human. Seeing him progress through his journey has brought some huge character development to the Doctor despite the changes in the person playing him, so finding out exactly what Capaldi means when he talks about "alienness" is certainly high on our list of priorities!

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'Doctor Who' will return to BBC One later this year for its tenth series, and comes to BBC America shortly thereafter.