The BBC has revealed the costume for the new Doctor Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who. Like those of the ranks of the Time Lords before him, Capaldi's striking outfit is bound to become an iconic facet of the sci-fi drama. Described by the actor himself as "100% rebel Time Lord," the get-up comprises of heavy Doc Marten boots, a crisp, white button down shirt, a navy, Crombie-style dress coat lined with luxurious red satin and a matching waistcoat.

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who
The BBC Has Revealed What Is Sure To Be Another Iconic Doctor Look For Peter Capaldi.

The exciting new snap revealed by the BBC shows the new Doctor looking serious and pointing his finger at the camera in a pose many Twitter users have likened to that of a Spice Girl, a member of a particularly coordinated boyband or John Travolta performing 'Greased Lightning' in Grease.

Well that's definitely NOT what Peter was wearing when he was filming in Cardiff last week...

Until now, very little had been known about the Doctor's new look apart from that Capaldi had headed out shopping to pick out the clothes for himself and that he was aiming for a "trickier and fiercer" Time Lord than ever seen before. It was also reported that Capaldi was keen on retaining his Scottish identity, not least his accent, after former Scottish Doctor David Tennant opted to drop his native lilt.

With its rich fabrics and clean-cut lines, Capaldi's Doctor costume is certainly one of the most formal we've had for some time and recalls elements of third Doctor John Pertwee's ensemble, minus the ruffles of course. In all, the new attire points at a slightly less whimsical and sterner version of the character; a move away from the child-like attributes that last Doctor Matt Smith brought to the role.

According to Capaldi, the right look for him has been nailed by DW costume designer Howard Burden. The actor said: "He's woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord."

Peter Capaldi Women In Film
Capaldi's Heavy Doc Martens Will Take The Doctor's Wardrobe In A Daring New Direction.

The long-running show received two awards at last week's National Television Awards for Best Drama and Drama Performance for Smith. Doctor Who is expected to make its return in late summer this year.

Capaldi is currently starring as Cardinal Richelieu in the BBC series The Musketeers.