For those still whining about the prospect of having a female Doctor in 'Doctor Who', it's time to shut up because Peter Capaldi has just given Jodie Whittaker his official seal of approval. We all know that she's an amazing choice, but this just confirms it. 

Peter Capaldi promoting 'Doctor Who'Peter Capaldi promoting 'Doctor Who'

Nobody complained when The Master returned as Missy; why would you when she was being portrayed by the indomitable Michelle Gomez? So perhaps it's time sexist 'Doctor Who' fans out there afforded Jodie Whittaker that same courtesy. After all, Peter Capaldi has no doubts that she will be a memorable incarnation of this timeless Time-Lord.

'Anyone who has seen Jodie Whittaker's work will know that she is a wonderful actress of great individuality and charm', he told the Express. 'She has above all the huge heart to play this most special part. She's going to be a fantastic Doctor.'

The 35-year-old actress from West Yorkshire has certainly proved herself worthy of being a powerful, funny and exceedingly intelligent Doctor having excelled herself in serious roles in 'Broadchurch' and 'Black Mirror' as well as more comedic roles such as 'St. Trinian's' and 'Attack The Block'. 

The fact that a female actor has taken over this traditional male role is not an example of 'political correctness gone mad' as some sulky people might have you believe. It marks a step forward in TV and filmmaking as one of television's most popular and longest running shows leads the way towards a more gender equal society. 

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After all, Time-Lords are an advanced race of aliens, not limited by the prejudices of humankind - as indeed Peter Capaldi's Doctor explained in episode 10 'World Enough and Time'. 'We're the most civilised civilisation in the universe', he says. 'We're billions of years beyond your petty human obsession with gender and its associated stereotypes.'