It’s about that time again folks – time for everyone who hasn’t seen Game of Thrones to turn away their pretty, unspoiled heads and for the rest of us to get into the meat of this week’s episode. To be fair, Oathkeeper had far fewer traumatic and general WTF moments than we’ve been used to recently. It was, however, very heavy on story.

Peter DinklageTyrion seems to have found an ally in his brother.

We see Jaime continue his efforts to rebuild his good name in Westeros and any credibility whatsoever as a character. After he err… raped his sister in last week’s episode (come on, GoT writers, where did that re-write even come from?) his character growth might never be restored, but kudos on the writers for trying. In this episode, Jaime risks getting in some serious Cercei trouble (and possibly being executed) and sends Brienne to find Catelyn Stark’s daughters, so that he can fulfill his oath. He even gives her one of the Valyrian steel swords. She names it Oathkeeper, because metaphorical resonance is everything when you’re fighting for your life.

Tyrion is still neck deep in… let’s call it trouble, even though there’s a far more appropriate word. But he does have one ally, sort of – Jaime. Are the writers playing on our heartstrings by developing the against-all-odds brotherly bond? It’s possible, but nothing could ever wipe that scene from Jaime’s record at this point. There are still plenty of reasons to root for Tyrion though. Not least of all, his hilariously sharp-tongued sellsword, Bronn, is still causing mischief about town (and still giving combat lessons to Jaime, which is bound to be important later on in the season.)

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Margaery meanwhile is forced into the most awkward chat ever with her grandmother. We get some not-so-subtle hints that the Queen of Thorns was behind Joff’s public execution, in order to save her granddaughter from an ill-fated marriage. Lady Olenna also suggests that now Margaery should get to the younger brother – Tommen, before Cercei does. Ew, isn’t he, like, twelve?

As suspected, Olenna had a role in Joffrey’s death. A quick cut scene makes it appear that she conspired with Petyr Baelish. While Olenna’s motive is transparent, mercurial Littlefinger’s remains opaque. We’re guessing something to do with Sansa, whom we know has a transference crush on and who is now on board his dark, dreary and very creepy ship. So, if that was the plan, it worked. Under Baelish’s care (ha) Sansa finds out some more life truths. Baelish is marrying her aunt, Lysa Arryn. That one caught us off-guard. Not only that, but the conspiracy to kill Joffrey also included some poison in Sansa’s necklace from Ser Dontos. Of course, our girl is a savvy player in the political web of Westeros by now, so she doesn’t flinch at the thought. But it’s good to know where Baelish stands, at least.

Jon Snow’s loyalty to the Night’s Watch may cost him his life. He’s intent on stopping the mutineers at Craster’s Keep before the wildlings get to them and learn of the Wall’s meager defenses. Coincidentally, he is also likely to get dead. Because… nope, we’re not even going to say it. Ser Allison Thorne sending Jon off on the fool’s errand will likely get him killed, and quash any chance of Jon being elected to lord commander of the Night’s Watch. Locke, a Night’s Watch recruit, is a bit too eager to join Jon, and Alliser seems a bit too eager to see him accompany Jon.

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Wargy warg Bran is wandering outside the wall, when he hears a baby wailing – a baby, which is being offered to the White Walkers by the mutineers at Craster’s keep. Once again inhabiting his wolf, Summer’s mind, Bran heads off to investigate. He finds Craster’s Keep overrun by the mutineers, and he finds Jon’s wolf, Ghost, in a cage. Summer is soon captured by the mutineers. Bran, Hodor, Jojen and Meera move in save Summer and Ghost, but only manage to get themselves captured too.

And then there’s Daenerys. Our beautiful baby dictator is still on the rise, which on this show should make you twitch in frightful anticipation. This week Dany is dealing out justice in Mereen. In this case “justice” entails crucifying a bunch of masters. She does let the slaves decide whether or not to join her, but wise old Ser Barristan is still nervous.

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“Sometimes it is better to answer injustice with mercy,” he tells her re: nailing people to pieces of wood. To that, Dany responds with one of her epic why-wasn’t-this-in-the-trailer lines: “I will answer injustice with justice.”

Emilia Clarke
Daenerys is still dealing out justice - blood of the dragon style.