The Game of Thrones promo is now a real thing that exists in the world, which means that A. season 4 has actually been shot and the release date wasn’t just a collective daydream and B. we can all start speculating as to what’s happening in season 4. Now those devoted souls who have read the books can laugh as they watch everyone else trying to figure out what’s coming. Although, as we’ve learned, the show’s writers often like to switch things up from George R. R. Martin’s original story, because… creative liberty or something (the budget probably comes into play too.) Anyway, here are some things that the preview is definitely teasing.

Plus, meet your new Daario Naharis - Michiel Huisman

5. Bran will get increasingly warg-y. Part of the reason why viewers weren’t devastated when a 9-year-old boy fell from a window and ended up permanently paralysed back in season 1, was because everyone knew it was a tradeoff. Real-life Bran would be paralysed, bud Dream Bran would go fly with birds and hunt with wolves and whatnot. In the preview, we see him have something vaguely resembling a seizure, so we’re calling it now – psychic powers.

4. Daenerys will have some dictator problems, some dragon problems and possibly, some identity problems as well. That line, the epic “If they don’t want to live in my new world, they can die in their old one” sounds considerably less epic when you realize it’s about her new subjects plotting a revolution. She might be the Mother of Dragons, but Daenerys still has a thing or two to learn about politics. Also, as we see in the very last frame of the preview, her dragons are now getting Big and Scary and since their kind hasn’t been around for thousands of years, we’re guessing Westeros doesn’t offer a dragon training service anymore.

3. Tyrion and Jaime have got some actual bromance going on. From the books and from previous seasons we know that Jaime is the only Lannister that has even a vague fondness for the youngest brother and the feeling is mutual. Now that Jaime has returned home with 50% fewer hands, they can even bond over their physical challenges. Which is good because:

2. Tyrion is going to have it tough this season. Keep in mind that The Imp has always been the neglected sibling and always had to fight for every crumb of respect he got. So when Peter Dinklage says in the promo that worse is coming, you know things are about to hit the fan.

George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones Cast
Let's just hope there are no more Red Weddings ahead.

1. Not a single White Walker. Seriously, where our spooky frozen immortal monsters at? When season 2 ended with that scene we all remember so well, everybody was rooting for the White Walkers and their army of dead folk to come in and stir things up. Alas, it didn’t really happen in season 3 and there was no mention in the promo. Come on HBO, AMC has had zombies for four seasons now, catch up.