Hear ye, hear ye! The fourth and final Game of Thrones trailer is now live for everyone to enjoy… which essentially means we get the same scenes and voiceovers, only in a different cut and with new background music. We have to hand it to those GoT people – they sure know how to pick a soundtrack.

Watch the trailer below and be even more excited for Season 4 (if that’s even possible.)

Some new things that are made obvious in this cut – and there definitely isn’t much to go on – is that the next generation of Starks will play a much more important role this season. We saw in previous trailers that Bran’s warg-ness is getting stronger, so he will probably get at the very least a couple of cool scenes in season 4.

What the new trailer, Devil Inside, seems to suggest, is that since the “Event That Shall Not Be Mentioned, But It Was So Awful, Oh God” the next generation of Starks are finally stepping up and becoming important players. As the trailer puts it. “The Starks have always ruled the North. If they are alive, the country will rally to their side.”

Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Maisie Williams
From left to right Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Maisie Williams - the Stark children finally have big roles to play this season.

And as we know, some Starks are oh so alive and plotting big things – mainly lots of murders in Arya’s case. For anyone, who’s just tuning in – this is HBO, the home of gratuitous sex and violence. Speaking of Arya, it looks like several people are on the hunt for her. One of them is Brienne of Tarth, whom we know as a true and noble warrior, so there’s some hope at least. That is until another major character bites it, which in this show could be at any given moment.

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