Peter Dinklage’s character in Game Of Thrones (Tyrion Lannister) is known for his way with women and numerous exploits of the many whorehouses within the Seven Kingdoms despite his diminutive stature. But these types of exploits aren’t mirrored in his day life by a long shot.

A video, which goes into detail about Dinklage’s sex life (entitled 'Peter Dinklage Gets So Much P***y') is the subject of a Playboy Magazine question to the actor. “By ‘p***y’ do they mean actual p***y? Or is it a metaphor, like for gardening?” he responds. “Because if that’s the case, then yes, I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately. If they mean sex, they might be getting me confused with somebody else. But if p***y means wearing old-man sweaters and watering my herb garden, then absolutely, I’m getting so much p***y.” Considering Dinklage is a happily married man, the prospect of any extra-marital gardening going on is actually rather serious and we’re pretty sure he saves all his Lannister loving for his lawfully wedded wife. They’ve got a daughter, too, her name is Erica.

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Away from the sex/gardening Dinklage (what a name) has been getting some stick from his friends for his Golden Globes behaviour, but not for his political musings. “My friends were less concerned with what I said than that I apparently brushed off Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on my way to the stage. When you’re in that moment and you’re about to accept an award and you have no idea what you’re going to say, you don’t notice that Brad and Angelina are reaching out to say hello.”