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Christian Bale Inspired By Columbo

Christian Bale sought inspiration from 'Columbo' for his role in 'Amsterdam'.The 48-year-old actor portrays a one-eyed veteran-turned-doctor in David O. Russell's upcoming murder mystery and he admitted he "studied" Peter Falk's performance as the titular...

Peter Falk's Widow Doubles Peta Reward To Find Abducted Sea Lion

Activists at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are leading a public appeal to track down the culprits, who hurled rocks at the poor pup before capturing the mammal at Dockweiler...

Peter Falk To Be Honoured With Posthumous Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Late Tv and movie star Peter Falk is to be honoured with a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Ed Begley, Jr. and comedian Paul Reiser will be among those saluting the Columbo star...

'Columbo' Actor Peter Falk Dies

'Columbo' actor Peter Falk has died. The star, best known as Lieutenant Columbo in the TV series, passed away last night (23.06.11) at his Los Angeles home. The cause of death is not yet known....

Falk's Wife Awarded Conservatorship

COLUMBO star PETER FALK's wife has been handed conservatorship of the ailing actor.Shera Falk was granted control of her husband's affairs in a Los Angeles court on Monday (01Jun09) after a bitter legal battle with...

Columbo Heads For Broadway

Beloved TV detective COLUMBO is set to solve crimes on Broadway in a new stage spectacular. Actor Norm Boucher will take on the role Peter Falk made famous in new play Columbo Takes the Rap....

Falk Strips On Camera For The First Time

Veteran actor PETER FALK has given his fans a huge incentive to watch his new movie THE THINGS ABOUT MY FOLKS, by announcing he performs his first nude scene ever in the film. The...

Lloyd 'Slapped' By Falk On Cookie Set

British actress EMILY LLOYD hit back when her co-star PETER FALK slapped her on the set of 1989 movie COOKIE. The COLUMBO actor was reportedly so frustrated with her lively antics and hyperactive personality...

George Michael Regrets Gay Scandal

Reclusive pop superstar GEORGE MICHAEL regrets the world found out about his sexuality by way of a scandal. The FAITH singer sits down for a rare chat with American talk show queen OPRAH WINFREY...

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