COLUMBO star Peter Falk's wife has been handed conservatorship of the ailing actor.
Shera Falk was granted control of her husband's affairs in a Los Angeles court on Monday (01Jun09) after a bitter legal battle with the star's daughter.
Catherine Falk filed for conservatorship of her father, who is battling dementia, in December (08), claiming her stepmother has refused to let her see her dad.
Catherine, who was once estranged from her father, was subsequently allowed a court-ordered visit with him - but he didn't recognise her.
Shera told the L.A. court on Monday, "He didn't want a relationship with her. He has no relationship with her. His visits with her are confrontational. I'm questioning her motives for coming here."
Catherine was awarded just 30 minutes of time with her father every two months in closely supervised visits.
Shera tells, "I hope this helps her."