Rocker Peter Hook has teamed up with a U.K. university to launch a music industry degree.
The former Joy Division star has helped evolve the management and promotion course at The University of Central Lancashire in northern England, and he hopes his own experience will help youngsters who dream of making it in the business.
He tells the Bbc, "What I've learned is that life is a balance between idealism and realism. One of the great things about education is that it should stop you making mistakes - and I have made a lot of mistakes.
"This is quite a logical and important step in helping young people - because it's pretty grim out there. Everybody comes out of courses full of ideas, full of ideals, and when they get to the job - it's completely different.
"You come from the classroom and arrive in a place like the Factory club and you're dealing with a thousand drunken punters every Friday night - that's the business end they have to learn about."