Peter Hook is consulting his attorneys after threatening legal action against his former New Order bandmates for using the group's name.
The bassist was furious after frontman Bernard Sumner, drummer Stephen Morris and keyboard player Gillian Gilbert reunited without him for a handful of live shows last year (11).
Hook vowed to "fight" his ex-bandmates over the line-up snub, and now the rocker has revealed he's contacted his attorneys about the matter.
When quizzed about his status with New Order, Hook tells, "Nothing really. It's in the hands of the lawyers. The point is that they shouldn't be using the New Order name without me and it's up to the lawyers."
And when asked if he would consider a reconciliation, he added, "I'll have to hold my tongue as to what I say there but, put it this way, I've grieved for New Order now."
Hook left New Order in 2007 after a war-of-words with Sumner, and was replaced by Tom Chapman.