British rocker Peter Hook is writing a book about his time in JOY DIVISION to help him come to terms with frontman Ian Curtis' death.
Inside Joy Division will chronicle Hook's career and relationship with troubled singer Curtis, who took his own life in 1980.
The bassist was left devastated by the suicide and hopes publishing the tome will help alleviate the guilt he's struggled with since Curtis' death.
He tells, "I'm doing the Joy Division book now, I'm two-thirds of the way through it... It begins with my birth and it ends with Ian dying.
"With Joy Division and with Ian in particular, I've always felt like I was to blame. You know, I've thought, 'We should have stopped, we should have looked after him more.' There's a lot of guilt attached and even though suicide is something someone decides to do, I still feel guilty. I'm doing a book like this, hoping that I can find a way of coming to terms with what he did and understanding it."
Inside Joy Division is scheduled to hit shelves in September (12).