If Peter Jackson hasn’t signed up to direct an episode of ‘Doctor Who’ then he’s just trolled the entire fanbase of the BBC sci-fi series. In a video posted to the director’s Facebook page on Monday, Jackson appears to tease the idea he could helm a ‘Doctor Who’ episode, when he receives a visit from the Doctor himself.

Peter JacksonCould be Peter Jackson soon direct an episode of ‘Doctor Who’?

In the clip titled, ‘Home Invasion’, Jackson is seen sitting at a table with his daughter Katie surrounded by his Oscars. “Hey dad, Steven Moffat’s trying to email you,” Katie says. “He’s always emailing me,” Jackson responds.

“He wants you to direct an episode of ‘Doctor Who’ but you're not replying to his emails,” Katie continues. “Put it this way. I reply to the ones I can understand but some are a bit incoherent, you know, like his scripts. I mean, there are great ones and there’s ones that are ... not great,” Jackson adds.

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“He’s writing ‘Doctor Who’ at 10 o’clock; 11 o’clock [he’s] got to do ‘Sherlock’; [then he] bangs out an email to Peter Jackson ... can’t even read them half the time.” But as Jackson and his daughter continue to discuss the BBC series, the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, is seen entering their New Zealand home.

“Hello I’m looking for a director,” Capaldi (in full costume) says. Capaldi then hands the director a letter addressed to him from Moffat. “Who are you?” Jackson asks. “I’m the Doctor,” Capaldi answers. “Who?” asks Jackson again, before Capaldi responds, “Correct!.”

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But before Jackson can open Moffat’s letter, Capaldi is chased out of the room by a Dalek, leaving fans still uncertain if they will ever see the Lord of the Rings director behind the camera on the long-running series.

But it’s not just ‘Doctor Who’ fans who were teased in the video. On Jackson’s table you can also clearly see a worn-out copy of JRR Tolkien’s book, The Silmarillion, complete with Post-it notes, perhaps hinting that one day soon it could finally be headed to the big screen.