There’ve been more than a few queasy feelings surrounding the forthcoming Peter Jackson film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey– and we don’t just mean that critically either, with numerous previews resulting in complaints that the film’s ‘revolutionary’ 48 frames per second shooting has left those watching with nausea and migraines. You always wonder that when a studio starts bigging up the technological aspects of its film rather than the performances of the actors or strength of the plot, they’re about to drop a real nostril-holder.

There are concerns too about The Hobbit being spread over a trilogy when the J.R.R Tolkien book was just one tome. However, the early reviews that have come in for the film – out on general release on December 13 – are veering on the side of positive. Only a handful of the big hitters have so far passed their opinion on the film, of which writes: “A fresh, free-spirited form of fantasy, Jackson's latest provides a younger generation with a stepping stone to his later films while serving the adult's who want more.” Celebuzz meanwhile writes: “A briskly engaging adventure shrouded in superfluous detail, though also, yes, admittedly, technical virtuosity, it's an accomplished if unexciting first chapter in the preamble to his Oscar-winning film series.”

And of the detractors? ScreenCrush is perhaps the least impressed, writing: “Unless your dreams are populated by denizens of Middle Earth, endless footage of them simply talking or walking is a lot less spectacular than Peter Jackson thinks it is.” So not a unanimous slating by any means, though we think the jury’s going to remain out on this one for a while longer.

Watch the trailer for The Hobbit.