Just days after Peter Jackson announced that filming had been wrapped up on the hugely anticipated film adaptation of J.R Tolkien's 'The Hobbit', a new poster has emerged just in time for the huge Comic-Con that kicks off today in San Diego (July 12, 2012). The new poster stays true to Tolkien's depiction of Middle Earth as a lush, green land that has the blackness of dark times not far around the corner, a beautiful place scarred by hundreds of years of war and turbulence.

Gandalf, played by Sir Ian McKellen once again takes centre stage, looking resplendent in his grey robe (he is Gandalf The Grey throughout the Hobbit). In the book, as anyone should know, it is he who galvanises 13 hobbits in taking a journey to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim stolen treasure from the dragon Smaug. Compared to the epic voyage Frodo, Sam and co. had to take this was a mere tiddler for Bilbo, but this being Middle Earth, there was of course plenty of peril on the way - not to mention that, erm, they had to try and steal treasure from a ruddy great dragon.

The wait for 'The Hobbit' has been a long one indeed, but light is finally at the end of the tunnel , with the movie set to hit cinemas on December 14th 2012.