Peter Sarsgaard is impressed with Robert Pattinson's portrayal of Batman.

The 49-year-old actor plays Gil Colson, a Gotham City district attorney, in Matt Reeves' upcoming movie 'The Batman' and he has revealed that he was blown away by Robert's work as the titular caped crusader.

Peter told The Hollywood Reporter: ''He looks amazing. I have to say, he really, really does. The work he was doing was really cool. I really dug his Batman, and I can't wait to see it [on-screen]. I think he's a very interesting actor, and... I loved him in the Safdie brothers movie ['Good Time'] that he did. And I actually really liked this one he just did... the comedy movie with Willem Dafoe. 'The Lighthouse'. He's just an interesting, interesting actor.''

Production on 'The Batman' had to be shut down earlier this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Peter can't wait to get back to work.

He said: ''God, I'm just hoping that we can go back soon and finish shooting it. It's much harder with a big movie - to get back to it and finish it. There's hundreds of people on set at any given time. It's just so hard to understand how we do it, and so, I just want to get back to do it. It's hard to even think about anything else with it other than, like... I'm about 80 per cent done with my part, so I would just like to do the last 20 per cent.''

While Peter is eager to resume shooting the movie, Robert, 34, recently admitted he was happy about the break as he went straight into filming scenes as the Caped Crusader from completing work on Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie 'Tenet'.

He said: ''We'd really gotten into a really good rhythm as well, so it's kind of strange to be pausing. But, again, it's a hard movie.

''I mean, obviously it's 'Batman', so it's kind of nice. I basically went straight from Chris' movie into that. And, yeah, I was feeling a little bit loopy anyway.

''So having some time off is not the worst thing in the world. But hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later that everything is hopefully in a better place.''