Marvel Cinematic Universe release 'Ant-Man' was a surprise success when it dropped back in 2015. Not many people knew what to expect from a film where the superhero's power was shrinking to the size of a minuscule insect, but the flick went on to earn some good to great reviews and now, a sequel has been confirmed.

Paul Rudd stars as the titular superhero in 'Ant-Man'Paul Rudd stars as the titular superhero in 'Ant-Man'

That sequel - 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' - will bring yet another hero to the forefront alongside Paul Rudd's take on Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, via actress Evangeline Lilly who plays Hope van Dyne in the first film. 

As the daughter to Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), she was resentful at times, but turned things around in a mid-credits scene that saw her confronted with the fate of becoming the Wasp. 

Now, director Peyton Reed is teasing some big things for both of the titular characters, rather than this being yet another 'Ant-Man' film with Wasp simply as a supporting character.

Ant-Man will be returning alongside female superhero the WaspAnt-Man will be returning alongside female superhero the Wasp

Speaking to Collider, he said: "For me as a comic nerd, I always thought of Ant-Man and Wasp as a team and that's a lot of what the second movie is really about, is how they work together, what their personal and professional relationships are like. To show her finally fully formed in this movie is really exciting. We really got to introduce this character into that universe. I mean we've introduced the character, but we haven't seen her with her full power set and everything, so to me she's not a supporting character in this movie. It's every bit as much her movie as it is Scott Lang's."

For those who have been long-time supporters of bringing more diversity to the MCU, this should come as great news. While many have been calling for a 'Black Widow' solo movie following Scarlett Johansson's much-loved performance as the hero throughout the 'Avengers' series to-date, this could be the first stepping stone needed in allowing more women to take centre-stage.

We do of course have the Brie Larson-led film 'Captain Marvel' set for release in March, 2019, so there could be some huge moves still to be made by those behind-the-scenes at Marvel moving forward.

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'Ant-Man and the Wasp' will come to UK cinemas on July 6, 2018.