Review of Number One Single by Pharrell Williams

Number One Feat
Kane West
Single Review

Sometimes when you get two huge artists together it is a bit of a let down, thankfully this isn't. Messrs Williams and West join forces to make the kind of track that will keep the real crew and cross over crew very happy.

Pharrell Williams Number One Single

The amalgamation of retro 80's grooves together with the style and quality of two of the year 2000 and beyonds biggest and brightest stars. Works perfectly, Pharrell gives it a smooth solid vocal performance with Kanye adding the party atmosphere to the track.

Number One could well be a number 1 hit for this dynamic duo. Whatever happens; the urban fraternity and R&B clubs are gonna love it, that's for sure, its catchy, funky and up beat.


Label: Virgin
Uk Release Date: 30th January

Listen to Number 1 here!

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