The Easter bank holiday may make the Christian faith the subject of nationwide celebration but a group of British Muslims have shown today that they're pretty stoked for the four day weekend too. "Happy British Muslims" is a video uploaded to YouTube which shows people of all ages, races and walks of life who all share their Islamic faith dancing away all to Pharrell Williams' smash hit single, 'Happy.'

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell's 'Happy' Has Been Used In Yet Another Montage Vid, This Time It's "Happy British Muslims.

We see people all over the world sharing in the pure joy of just being alive, whether it's the schoolchildren performing a coordinated routine; the wannabe rapper busting some moves in his shades; the news reporter in her studio; or the elderly man practising air guitar on his walking cane.

It's impossible not to smile whilst watching the cheerful montage, which allows us for 4 minutes and 12 seconds to forget about the troubles and conflict in the world. The video was reportedly put together by a group of British Muslims called The Honesty Policy, who have explained their motivation for the clip via a blog post.

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They said they'd decided not to post anything for two days after the video was uploaded, in order to sit back and gauge the world's reaction. "It was beneficial to monitor in retrospect the reactions, energies and ebbs and flows circulating through cyber space. If we had responded immediately it would have been an inevitably emotional reaction as opposed to constructive and coherent. In our detachment we have learnt so much," an anonymous writer posts.

"Our intention is clear" they proclaim: "To rewrite the rulebook. We want to change how we go about religious expression. We have a continuously growing community that is more eclectic, creative and competent than ever before. Yet, the platform for them to nurture such skills and competencies are stunted in the current religious climate."

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Pharrell's Universally Inspiring Track Brings More Joy To The World.

"We've come together in defence of our right to feel immense pride in a religious tradition that facilitates our happiness in this life and the hereafter," they explain, adding "We want to empower the previously disempowered individual. To give him/her the platform to feel as though he/she can positively plug into their community."

The group encourages fans of the video to share it in as many ways as possible to help them "continue with our main goal of making our community happy, bringing people together and spreading hope." And that can't possibly be a bad thing!

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