Pharrell Williams doesn't think he could save the world.

The 43-year-old musician - who has been an advocate for female equality - believes women have the power and ability to ''save'' the world if they wanted to, but he doubts his own ability to make as big a difference.

Speaking to Esquire magazine about his beliefs, the 'Happy' hitmaker said: ''I don't know what I could do, but I know if women wanted to, they could save this nation. If women wanted to, they could save the world.''

And the artist has admitted he believes women carry ''the entire human species'' on their shoulders.

He continued: '' Women have a lot to carry, right? Including the entire human species. That's deep.''

And the vocalist has hinted his distaste towards how women are treated and ''oppressed'', which is an issue he has recognised happened in the past but is still ongoing, despite attempts to change it.

Pharrell - who is married to Helen Lasichanh - continued: ''And still they don't have an equal say on this planet. That's insane.

''Meanwhile, their feelings are suppressed, their spirits are oppressed, and their ambitions are repressed.

''The female contribution to anything significant has always been historically dismissed or discounted, or often erased.''