Just because Pharrell Williams is always around women doesn't mean he is a womanizer, in fact the main reason the 41-year-old singer-songwriter prefers the company of a female is due to a certain characteristic that men can sometimes lack.

Pharrell Williams
Williams can relate to women "more honestly" than men

While being interviewed by GQ, Williams, who is married to Helen Lasichanh, even admitted he relates to women "more honestly" than his own gender because they tend to be a lot more "sensitive."

"I am a sensitive person, so I want to be with sensitive people," he shared in the February issue of the magazine, which hits newsstands Jan. 27. "Women have a way of expressing themselves that I can relate to more honestly."

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Williams isn't exaggerating either, his art director, choreographer and two assistants are all female. However, as the 'Happy' singer' is known for not following the crowd, and throughout the years he has built up a reputation of being a trendsetter in terms of fashion and music.

"You want to be camouflage?" he asked the magazine. "Go ahead. Blend in. But we want to be that twinkle in the sky. And you might not be able to see that star now. But it's daytime. Wait till it gets dark."

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The frequent collaborator, who has made songs with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke and Ed Sheeran, has his eye on creating some new music with one of the most talented female stars in the world, Adele.

"It would be amazing to work with such a talent. I have been excited about her since I first heard 'Rolling in The Deep'. If the opportunity comes up in 2015 for us to work together - then I am totally down with that," he said. "I think today comparisons are thrown about too easily when it comes to comparing current artists with legends. In Adele's case, I think it is warranted though."