I love Pharrell almost as much as I love that giant mushroom hat and after he produced the biggest hits of 2013 AND 2014, it’s likely that you do too. The multi-talented producer/rapper/musician/songwriter/mogul capped off his UK spree with a tell-all interview with The Independent, which basically covered everything from Robin Thicke to the aforementioned hat. The latter is apparently a  a vertiginous version of an old Vivienne Westwood design. After it made its debut at the Grammys in January, it’s definitely earned the title of Hat of the Year.


Pharrell Williams
Pharrell - and his hat - in concert.

As for the latter, Thicke and Pharrell recently gave depositions in the still active lawsuit filed by Marvin Gaye’s heirs over the claim that the pair lifted the hit track from an old Gaye song. Following Thicke’s confession that “Pharrell geniused the whole thing” and that “75% of it was done when [Thicke] entered the studio,” you’d expect the Happy hitmaker to be at least a little bit nervous – or frustrated with his collaborator. Not so, apparently.

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“No. Because he inspired me. What am I without the inspiration that he gave me from just being who he was?”

Robin Thicke, Wireless Festival
Pharrell had nothing to say on the Robin Thicke controversy. Stay classy. 

So Pharrell has sort of established himself as a kind of chilled out, hippy-ish creator type and a unpredictably shrewd businessman at the same time. His latest album G I R L is an ode to the girls and women of the world and one in particular – his wife Helen Lasichanh. Besides Happy, the love-filled Come Get It Bae and Marylin Monroe were still making the rounds this weekend, as Pharrell finished his sold out dates at the O2. Next month, he’s dropping another one, Gusts of Wind.