Orianne Cevey, the former wife of Phil Collins has said the couple are planning to remarry, six years after divorcing. Last month Collins revealed the couple had rekindled their romance and that he had now moved back to Miami, to be closer to Orianne and their two sons.

Phil CollinsPhil Collins and his ex-wife are planning to remarry.

Speaking to Swiss newspaper SonntagsBlick, Orianne said: “Our separation was the wrong decision. I now call Phil my husband again. We are so close that it does not actually make a difference if we are married or not, but we are determined to get married for a second time one day,” (via The Mirror).

“We were always very close, because of the children,” Orianne continued and added that ‘just last year, I realised that he is indeed the man of my life’. In 2014 Orianne was left partially paralysed after an operation for a slipped disc in her neck and the 42-year-old said that during this time Collins took ‘wonderful care’ of the couple’s two sons.

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“That was a great relief to me,” she said, adding that it had made her realise the couple were ‘meant for each other.’ Orianne met Collins in 1994 and the couple married in 1999. But in 2006 they split, leading to one of the most expensive divorces in British legal history.

Collins eventually ended up paying his ex-wife £24.3million in the divorce settlement. After the divorce Collins retired from music and was living in Switzerland and the singer has previously opened up about his struggles with alcohol, after Orianne and his sons moved to Miami.

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“I desperately wanted to live with the boys. I missed out on so much. And I retired so that I could be at home and then they moved,” Collins told The Sun last month. “And when they moved to Miami, I was suddenly instead of being ten minutes away, I was ten hours away. And so that’s when I started drinking a bit too much and that whole story happened.”

Speaking about his reconciliation with Orianne, Collins added: “We decided that we shouldn’t have got divorced. She got remarried but we maintained a great relationship and she missed me, I missed her, the kids are really happy.”