Is there a more cool collaboration anywhere than Phil Collins and the Roots? Didn't think so. The former Genesis singer and drummer teamed his band with Questlove and company for a stunning rendition of his classic hit 'In the Air Tonight' on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon'. 

Phil CollinsPhil Collins is joined by Questlove for 'In The Air Tonight'

The legendary drummer, whose best known for his sensational multi-Platinum debut single, joined Jimmy Fallon on his show on Tuesday (October 25th 2016) where he performed alongside another drumming genius, Questlove. Needless to say, Questlove absolutely nailed the world famous drum sequence from 'In the Air Tonight' and the crowd roared its approval when his time arrived. Indeed, he looked positively thrilled with himself after that, grinning with a mixture of relief and pride. Because there's no greater honour as a drummer than to perform with such a pioneer.

'['In the Air Tonight' has] got a life of its own. That will outlive me I think, that song', Phil Collins mused in an interview with Jimmy Fallon ahead of the performance. Jimmy did his best vocal impression of the drum sound as Phil joked, 'By the time the end of the program comes, you'll be good at this.'

'It's not me I'm worried about', Jimmy laughed, as Questlove looked on shaking his head at him in disgust. 'You don't understand, he really has been stressing about this for like months.'

Phil Collins released his third compilation album, 'The Singles', on October 14th, reaching number two on the UK charts. It dropped in conjunction with his autobiography 'Not Dead Yet'. 

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He also has a series of live shows coming up for his Not Dead Yet tour, including five sold-out performances at the Royal Albert Hall in London in June 2017, another five sold-out gigs at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, and five shows at the Accor Hotels Arena in Paris, two of which are sold-out.