Phil Collins gave up touring for the sake of his younger children.

The 'In the Air Tonight' hitmaker - who has Joely, 42, and Simon, 37, with first wife Andrea Bertorelli, actress Lily, 25, with second spouse Jill Tavelman and Nicholas, 13, and Matthew, nine, with third wife Orianne Cevey - realises he missed out on a lot when his older kids were growing up so tries to be around for his youngest sons as much as possible.

He said: ''Nicholas and Matthew live in Miami so I go there a lot.

''They're going through normal teenage stuff, which I wasn't around for with some of my kids. I spoke to my older kids every week and they used to visit me in the UK in the summer holidays but now we've talked about it and I've realised they missed out on a lot of me - I don't want that to happen again. It's the reason I don't tour anymore.''

The 63-year-old singer believes 'Mirror, Mirror' star Lily can understand how hard it was for him to balance his work and family life now she is going through similar experiences.

He said: ''I think being in the industry has helped her understand what I was going through. You do get caught up in it and there isn't time to do holidays and things and she understands that now.''

While Phil - who has been in a relationship with Dana Tyler for eight years - spends as much time as possible with his youngest kids, he can't be an ''active'' father.

He told Closer magazine: ''I'm not an active father - I can't run or kick a ball because my knee's worn out. But my kids are cool with that and I have a great relationship with them.

''Nick wanted me to play 'In the Air' with him [at a school show]. The teachers thought it would be great but I said I can't play drums any more [because of nerve damage]. They thought I was joking.''