Tributes continue to pour in for James Brian Hellwig, aka wrestler The Ultimate Warrior. Hellwig died just days after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, collapsing on the sidewalk outside his Arizona hotel on Wednesday (April 9, 2014). The 54-year-old is survived by his wife Dana and two daughters.

Ultimate WarriorThe Ultimate Warrior Was One Of The WWF's Best Loved Wrestlers

The Houston Press have dug out a particularly cool story about the Warrior, which involves hit songwriter Phil Collins. In 1990, Collins was doing a CBS special filled with celebrity guests and "someone got the bright idea that the current champion of the WWF should be among them." At that point, it was the Ultimate Warrior, who had captured the title from Hulk Hogan.

On the advice of Vanessa Williams and Gilbert Gottfried, Collins agreed to TAKE ON the Warrior in a brief match for an alternate video for Phil's 'Two Hearts'. It actually starts off with the pair dancing together and mouthing the lyrics to one of Collins' biggest hits, before the wrestler began kicking the crap out of the Genesis star - slamming him around the canvas and smashing him into the turnbuckles.

The Houston Press suggest: "Sure, the cuts from stunt double to Collins are obvious but not that awkward, all told. Collins himself is a gifted physical actor who, at the end of the day, sells Warrior's moves fairly well."

After leaving the wrestling game, the Hellwig embarked on a public speaking career, but wrestled one final match in Spain in 2008.

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