Incarcerated music mogul Phil Spector's wife has turned love letters she has received from the producer from behind bars into songs for a new Ep.

Rachelle Spector, who maintains her husband is innocent of the murder of actress Lana Clarkson and should be freed, is releasing PS I Love You as a tribute to the fabled record producer and a reminder to his fans that he still needs their support.

Spector was convicted of the 2003 killing and sentenced to 19 years to life.

News of the new Ep comes just days before HBO airs a new movie, titled Phil Spector, about the murder trial. Al Pacino plays the producer in the film, which debuts in America on Sunday (24Mar13).

Rachelle tells, "They (the songs) were from love letters that my husband and I wrote back and forth over the years and I decided to turn those letters into songs. I thought it would be great to say PS I Love You because I do and it's cute.

"The whole preface of it was something that can show him (Phil Spector) as a human being and in a more sympathetic light. About his father dying when he was young and about his son passing away when he was 10 from leukaemia and ultimately me losing my husband. It's a song of great sadness and to show a sympathetic side to him and how many losses he's had in his life.

"He went from losing his father, to forming The Teddy Bears, to writing his first hit, To Know Him is to Love Him. This particular song is sort of a spin off of To Know Him..., because if you knew Philip the way I do, as a normal human being, you would love him too... He's such a kind, gentle and caring human being, not to mention the fact that he's so generous."

Rachelle met Spector shortly after the Clarkson incident at his Alhambra, California mansion, and the couple will celebrate 10 years together in September (13).