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Bob Gale Rejects Back To The Future 4

Bob Gale rejects Back to the Future 4

Bob Gale has ruled out a fourth 'Back to the Future' film.The 69-year-old screenwriter co-wrote the 1985 sci-fi comedy flick...

John Boyega Compares They Cloned Tyrone To Attack The Block

John Boyega compares They Cloned Tyrone to Attack the Block

John Boyega has likened 'They Cloned Tyrone' to 'Attack the Block'.The 28-year-old actor is starring in Juel Taylor's Netflix sci-fi...

Tori Spelling Wanted Smaller Eyes

Tori Spelling wanted smaller eyes

Tori Spelling used to be desperate to make her eyes look "smaller".The 'Beverly Hills 90210' actress admitted her already-low confidence...

Fashion Chameleon Lily James

Fashion chameleon Lily James

Lily James is a fashion "chameleon".The 31-year-old actress has been praised by 'Rebecca' costume designer Julian Day for the ease...

Blondie To Hit The Road With Garbage For 2021 Against All Odds UK Tour

Blondie to hit the road with Garbage for 2021 Against All Odds UK tour

Blondie will be joined by Garbage on their 'Against All Odds' 2021 UK tour.Debbie Harry and co have announced their...

Gwen Stefani Teases New Music Is Coming 'Really Soon'

Gwen Stefani teases new music is coming 'really soon'

Gwen Stefani "can't wait" to share her new music with her fans "really soon".The 51-year-old singer has been busy writing...

Sir Paul Mccartney Drops Cryptic Clues About Mccartney Iii

Sir Paul McCartney drops cryptic clues about McCartney III

Sir Paul McCartney has been dropping hints about the release of 'McCartney III'.After The Beatles split, the 78-year-old musician released...

Kendrick Lamar Explains Why He Takes 'So Long' To Make Albums

Kendrick Lamar explains why he takes 'so long' to make albums

Kendrick Lamar has explained why he takes "so long" to make albums.The 33-year-old hip-hop megastar admitted he can spend an...

Two Eddie Van Halen Guitars Set To Go Under The Hammer

Two Eddie Van Halen guitars set to go under the hammer

Two guitars belonging to the late Eddie Van Halen will go under the hammer.The Van Halen axe-slayer's 2004 EVH Charvel...

Queen Latifah Joins The Cast Of Hustle

Queen Latifah joins the cast of Hustle

Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall and Ben Foster are to star in 'Hustle'.The trio have joined Adam Sandler in the cast...

Eva Longoria Joins Ice Cube In Sci-fi Film

Eva Longoria joins Ice Cube in sci-fi film

Eva Longoria has joined Ice Cube in the cast of Universal's new sci-fi film.The 45-year-old actress has boarded the untitled...