Pete Townshend Hooked On Online Shopping

Pete Townshend hooked on online shopping

Pete Townshend is addicted to online shopping.The 79-year-old rocker believes "everybody is an addict" but The Who guitarist doesn't think...

Christina Hall Accuses Josh Hall Of Taking Her Money

Christina Hall accuses Josh Hall of taking her money

Christina Hall has accused Josh Hall of transferring $35,000 of her own money into his personal bank account.The former couple...

John Schneider And Dee Dee Sorvino Are Married

John Schneider and Dee Dee Sorvino are married

John Schneider and Dee Dee Sorvino have got married.The 'Dukes of Hazard' actor found love with the television personality following...

Rita Ora Won't 'Ever Get Used' To Taika Waititi Marriage

Rita Ora won't 'ever get used' to Taika Waititi marriage

Rita Ora doesn't think she'll "ever get used" to being married to Taika Waititi.The 'Hot Right Now' hitmaker married the...

Chet Hanks Felt 'Worthless'

Chet Hanks felt 'worthless'

Chet Hanks grew up feeling "completely worthless".The 33-year-old actor - who is the son of Hollywood stars Tom Hanks and...

Billy Ray Cyrus 'Knew Something Wasn't Right' With Firerose

Billy Ray Cyrus 'knew something wasn't right' with Firerose

Billy Ray Cyrus has insisted he was at his "wits' end" when he unleashed a tirade of verbal abuse towards...

Karlie Kloss Reveals Her Favourite Taylor Swift Song

Karlie Kloss reveals her favourite Taylor Swift song

Karlie Kloss has praised Taylor Swift's "classic" music.The 31-year-old model - who has previously dismissed speculation she had fallen out...

Iggy Azalea Takes Swipe At Playboi Carti: 'I'm Very Much A Single Mother'

Iggy Azalea takes swipe at Playboi Carti: 'I'm very much a single mother'

Iggy Azalea has claimed she is "very much the only parent" to her son.The 'Fancy' hitmaker has four-year-old Onyx with...

Hailey Bieber Gets Upgrade To Engagement Ring

Hailey Bieber gets upgrade to engagement ring

Hailey Bieber has confirmed her engagement ring has been upgraded.The Rhode Skin founder - who is expecting her first child...

Jack Osbourne Backs Donald Trump

Jack Osbourne backs Donald Trump

Jack Osbourne plans to vote for Donald Trump after being impressed by his response to an assassination attempt.The 38-year-old star...

Billy Ray Cyrus' Expletive-filled Rant To Firerose Leaked

Billy Ray Cyrus' expletive-filled rant to Firerose leaked

Billy Ray Cyrus branded Firerose "dumb" and "selfish" in an expletive-filled rant.The 'Achy Breaky Heart' hitmaker's estranged wife has accused...