How many films has Pierce Brosnan starred in? Go on, guess. Actually guess. 38? Nah it’s 43, but you were close. See, we were so enamoured by that little factoid, we had to start this article with it. And now, here’s Brosnan talking about Bond and his new film, Love is All You Need.

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“That was, without a question, one of the most rewarding roles, the suave actor explains to Wales Online. “That character, and the opportunities it gave one, is the gift that keeps giving, because once you’re a Bond, you’re a Bond for life,” he says. We agree, although for us, Sean Connery will actually be Bond for life. But even after a staggering 43 films, the 59-year-old actor (quick bit of maths: 1.3 films a year) is still as enthusiastic as ever. “It was a joy to film in Sorrento and make a piece which has a complexity that is pretty sophisticated compared to other fare,” he explains. “I think it’s warm and an embracing film. It has relevance, a healing quality and is a celebration of love, courage, strength and new beginnings.”

Love is All You Need hits U.K Cinemas tomorrow (April 19th) and has already been somewhat of a hit with the critics, with an average score of 82% from 22 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

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