Pierce Brosnan has lost two friends to coronavirus.

The James Bond actor is hoping for ''more kindness and more awareness of the fragility of our planet'' after the pandemic, as he revealed two of his pals sadly succumbed to the virus.

He said: ''I lost two friends to COVID-19. They were friends of 45 years, and I am godfather to his son. No matter where you are and how beautiful it may be, you still have this awful threat to life looming. You have to keep pushing the rock uphill, and you have to keep involved in life. We are at war. People are dying. Hopefully after all this, there will be more kindness and more awareness of the fragility of our planet.''

Pierce was filming Disney's 'Cinderella' when news broke of the severity of the health crisis and he immediately rushed onto a plane so he could get home and be with his family - wife Keely Shaye Smith and kids, Paris, 19, and Dylan, 23 - in their cottage on Kauai, Hawaii.

Speaking to Parade magazine, he added: ''I was on a plane the next day. I was told I might not get out, and I wanted to be with my family.''