Pierce Brosnan was stopped by airport security personnel for attempting to board a US flight while carrying a knife.

The Irish actor, famous for playing James Bond, was temporarily apprehended by agents of the Transport Security Administration at Burlington International Airport in Vermont for passing through security with a 10 inch (or 25 cm) hunting knife in his hand luggage, according to The Telegraph.

Pierce BrosnanPierce Brosnan was stopped by airport officials for carrying a knife in his hand luggage

Burlington Police Department spokesman Lieutenant Shawn Burke confirmed that Brosnan was soon allowed to continue with his journey, having resolved the issue with authorities. However, the 62 year old was reportedly rather embarrassed and angry when the knife was confiscated by agents.

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TSA regulations state that sharp objects such as these – like knives, scissors etc. – longer than four inches should be carried via checked-in baggage, and are banned entirely from hand luggage. The strict regulations were introduced in the wake of the September 11 attacks, and no blades except rounded or plastic butter knives are allowed in the plane’s cabin at all.

Burke stated that the 007 actor, who appeared in four Bond movies from 1995 (GoldenEye) to 2002 (Die Another Day), “was encountered by TSA at one of their checkpoints” on Sunday (August 2nd). Images reportedly depicting the incident show Brosnan removing his belt while answering questions from officials.

The Associated Press says that Brosnan’s publicist has not made any statements regarding what happened.

The actor was flying to his home country of Ireland when the incident occurred. A day later, he posted a series of Instagram photographs detailing his trip, captioning one of them: “It just needs a good thatch roof and it will be right as rain… Fair thee well, till we meet again… Dalkey days for ever in my heart.”

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