Piers Morgan knows all of Simon Cowell's secrets.

The former 'America's Got Talent' judge - who has now taken over from legendary talk show host Larry King on CNN - admitted while he has a reputation for being indiscreet, there are things about the music mogul he will never reveal.

He said: "I spend my time with people like Simon Cowell telling me incredibly indiscreet stuff about themselves.

"If I was genuinely indiscreet about him, it would end our relationship. But I appear to be indiscreet because I know him so well it's stuff he'll read and laugh at and we've never had so much as a wobble."

While Piers, 45, has Simon to thank for his fledging career In America after the 51-year-old star asked him to join the panel of 'America's Got Talent', but Piers has no plans to follow in Simon's footsteps by getting Botox.

He said "Take me, warts and all."