Piers Morgan is used to landing himself in hot water with his antics, but did he finally go a bit too far on today’s ‘Good Morning Britain’? During a segment testing the durability of the Bank of England’s new £5 notes the presenter bit into one live on air managing to tear it, in a potentially illegal act.

As part of his experiment Piers put one of the new plastic notes in a washing machine for a spin, but the note came out unfazed. He then tried to rip it with his hands, which didn't work, but he finally had success when he managed to tear it with his teeth.

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After that he then tore another one just to celebrate. His antics caused his shocked co-host Susanna Reid to exclaim: “I cannot believe you just did that. I’m not sure if that's even legal. We'll have to look into it.”

Piers later said: “I think I’ve just broken the law – people have been tweeting saying, ‘Piers, you’re breaking the law by defacing currency’. You’re breaking the law by being sanctimonious crashing little bores.”

Lord Alan Sugar seemed to think Piers had committed an illegal act when he tweeted: ‘I was always told that tearing paper money was in fact illegal. Is @piersmorgan guilty of a crime live on @GMB . Hmm lock him up.’ The businessman then added he would visit Piers in jail.

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While it’s probably not a good idea to go around biting into £5 notes, it’s unlikely Piers will face any repercussions for his stunt, as it was part of a durability test. The new plastic fivers are being rolled out in the UK starting from today, with an initial batch of 440 million notes being produced.