A Seattle property, described as the real life Up house, as failed to sell at auction sparking fears it will soon be sold to developers who will mostly like demolish it. The story of the house and its owner Edith Macefield bears a striking similarity to the Pixar film Up, in which an elderly man fights to save his home from developers.

UpPixar's Up

Edith Macefield lived in the house for 60 years before she passed away in 2008 after battling pancreatic cancer. Miss Masefield had previously turned down an offer of $1 million from developers as well assistance with housing and health care, to sell the home which she had moved into in 1952.

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After Edith’s death the home was purchased by a company who promised to keep it, but have since been unable to pay for it. The house is situated in the neighbourhood of Ballard, Seattle, which has been undergoing major development in recent years. After failing to find a buyer, the house will now likely be sold to developers who will probably opt to demolish it.

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Edith’s home became recognised as the real life Up house after parallels were drawn between her story and  Carl Fredricksen's in the Pixar movie. In the film Carl battles to save his house from developers before eventually deciding to tie balloons to it and take off on the adventure he and his late wife had always dreamed of.