Review of Follow Your Bliss Album by Po Girl

Follow Your Bliss is the sixth release from Po Girl, offering their latest collection of urban roots music.

Po Girl Follow Your Bliss Album

Compared to the likes of Tracy Chapman and Norah Jones I would say that is going too far. Po Girl shares similarities in style to Norah Jones but would not come close in terms of tune or charisma. Imagine a life line in with ups and downs, when you hit flat line that means dead, and that's what we have here - It's all on one level. There isn't anything remotely interesting to grab your attention. The album reminds me of a support act where most of the audience chat about the main act instead of paying attention. With an injection of life this could be more.

That said, it's not bad music. The track, 'Kathy', is a beautiful opener to the album with delicate acoustic strings and a raw but soft voice. It just lacks variety and speed.

That definite American folk style is present within the entire collection of tracks. They may or may not be pleased with an American association, but the banjo, accent on Allison's vocals, and country roots all point in that direction.

You have to admire their desire to experiment with new ideas and try to bring what is essentially Americana folk into the modern day. With additions from a rapper, it does start to spice it up a bit.

There are all the right components for something good here, but the album would benefit from being a little more daring!

Laura Johnstone

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