Poison frontman BRET MICHAELS learned the hard way about mixing alcohol with diabetes medication, after a wild night of drinking caused him to pass out while having sex with a fan.

The diabetic rocker admits he ignored warnings about drinking heavily when he was tempted by a night of revelry.

He tells men's magazine FHM, "In Poison's early days, I was handing out fliers for our shows outside of an LA club. I met this beautiful girl named CINDY and she kept bringing me drinks from inside. We got hammered, but I'm diabetic, and insulin and alcohol don't mix well.

"We went back to my place, and RIKKI ROCKETT, our drummer, was having fun with a girl he met at a different club. We lived in a warehouse and you could hear everything, so we started trying to get the girls to out-scream each other. I told Cindy, 'Scream louder, like you're having a better time with me!'

"The next thing I know, it's morning. I don't remember this, but Cindy and Rikki told me I passed out - while inside of Cindy. She started screaming for Rikki because she thought I had died.

"Rikki had to come in, pull me out of her, roll me over and give me a glucagon shot so I didn't go into insulin shock. He said seeing me out cold in the middle of action and then having to give me a shot while I had a hard-on was the most awkward moment of his life."