Review of XO edition2 EP by Pole Position

Pole Position – XO edition2

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Pole Position – XO edition2

Pole Position

XO edition2 Portuguese American duo Rui Guerreiro and Daniel Da Silva are causing a stir in the hugely competitive New York City underground scene with their synthesised orchestrations. In their four years recording together as Pole Position Guerreiro and Da Silva have released two singles and a compilation of music they have contributed to the films of Thomas Torres-Corado.

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Pole Position’s latest five song EP, ‘XO edition2, is an edited and remastered version of an eight track release from the beginning of 2002. It has drawn comparisons with Stereolab and Radiohead because of the combination of synthesised and traditional instrumentation.

Opening song, ‘Boulevard’, is indicative of the whole EP, a manneredvocal singing over a piano driven song, which is permeated by synth effects andrapid drumbeats. On ‘Boulevard’ there is some relief from the leadvocal, thanks to occasional Neil Tennant style spoken vocal contributions.

The following songs are variations on the same theme. ‘Tragic Death ofPorn Starz’ has jazz piano tinkering and the EP highlight, ‘MoveEnough’ has greater urgency than any of the other offerings. Despite thisan overwhelming dreariness pervades the release.

Gavin Eves