Polly Scattergood would sell her kidneys to see David Bowie live.

The singer/songwriter - who is supporting Goldfrapp for the Summer Series at London's Somerset House on Saturday night (20.07.13) - says it would be a dream come true to see the 66-year-old star live in concert and she would be even more overjoyed if she could perform alongside him one day.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''The absolutely dream to collaborate with would be Bowie. I heard a few rumours he was going to go out and play at Glastonbury. I would literally sell my kidneys to go and see him.''

While Polly is keen to collaborate with Bowie, she gets ''terrified'' shortly before she is due to play to a crowd but as soon as she takes to the stage she feels like she is taking the ''best drug in the world''.

She added: ''People are often surprised when I say I've got stage fright. They maybe don't expect it.

''I've had hypnotherapy for it and that helps quite a lot. The more I've spoken to other artists who get nervous the more I know I have to embrace.

''I'm terrified before I get on stage but the second I get on stage is the most addictive feeling, it's like the best drug in the world which takes over all your senses.

''As soon as I'm off stage I just want to do it all over again. So it's a really weird love/hate thing. I could never not do it. It's like I'm born to do it.''

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