Poppy Delevingne dances on tables to stay slim.

The 28-year-old model has confessed she isn't a fan of traditional work outs in the gym and prefers to shed the pounds dancing on a night out with friends.

When asked how she keeps trim before a holiday, she told Grazia Daily: ''A little exercise I know called 'dancing on tables until sunrise'. That'll get your body in shape in no time.''

Poppy - who recently launched her debut collection for swimwear label Solid and Stripe - admitted she loves flaunting her slim physique on holiday.

When asked to name her holiday must haves, she said: ''White converse, a good book which you can get lost in, Sisley SPF30, MiuMiu sparkly shades and some vintage denim cut-offs which show your butt.''

The blonde beauty also shared her plans to continue designing in the future but isn't sure if she is ready to take on the work load of creating an entire collection herself.

She explained: ''That would be a ton of work. But definitely something to think about in the future. Watch this space...

''I would love nothing more. I'm not gonna lie; I can barely draw a stick man. But I know what I like and what I don't.''